Yuv420P to RGB24bit

Yuv420P to RGB24bit


I would like to know which function to use for that conversion. I'm doing a videoViewer. The data is loaded from .flv or .mov files with ffmpeg, and then sended to OpenGL. FFmpeg can make the conversion, but it's not very scalable with the image size, specially when combined with h.264 decoding(from ffmpeg).

And, is tehre a sample code for encoding/decoding H.264 from mov file?


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You have to convert it at first to YUV format for using an example, because UMC example works only on that format. I've used this function for convert an image from the camera:

ippiRGBToYUV420_8u_C3P3(pointer_to_rgbbuffer24, pointer_to_YUV, size_of_image);

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