Tiff files manipulations

Tiff files manipulations

Hi All,

I'm desperately need some sample how to work with Tif/Tiff files (load,save etc').

I looked in Intel sample and found examples for a varied files format but not for Tiff.

For meanwile I tryed to load the tiff file with CxImage library.

Please who ever can help me or even give me a hook for that problem, it will be appreciate lot...


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I suggest you have a look at libtiffhttp://libtiff.org/
It has all you need (and its free)

Dear a+

Thanks a lot.

But,doesn't this approch have performance influence on the main goal(high performance) ?

Intel IPP don't support Tiff files?


We do not support TIFF file format. But we do provide optimized kernels for compression algorithm used in TIFF. See IPP JPEG and RLE functions and sample.


Quoting - rami

But,doesn't this approch have performance influence on the main goal(high performance) ?

Well any IO operation, e.g. TIFF read and writes, highly impacts performance. My experience with libtiff showed it was quite efficient but "your mileage may vary" ;)

You can use libtiff for image IO and IPP for processing the images (provided you have any to do of course)


i don't think a tiff processing toolkit is available in inter because it's not intel's interest after all. i can share with you the tiff processing toolkit i am currently using.I do this almost daily. I use a tiff processing driver found on the internet . Install it and it becomes a selectable option.
then you can manipulate tiff s in any formats  or programm. but it's comparatively professional , so i don't know whether it can meet your needs , i hope my suggestion can be helpful, best wishes .

It is Not clear what you're going to do with Tiff files. However, IPP is a high performance library for processing of raw data. A processing usually looks like:

- Application loads an Image(s) in some FormatX into memory using 3rd party API
- IPP does processing on raw data in memory
- Application stores results to an Image(s) in some FormatX from memory using 3rd party API

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