Wrong result when using CrossCorrValid_Norm

Wrong result when using CrossCorrValid_Norm


We have received wrong results while using CrossCorrValid_Norm with IPP version 5.3 update 3.

The results are not always wrong, but for certain matrices (with certain size) , the results diviate for some points by 0.3. It doesn't matter what is the data in the matrix- Just the size. We have used previous versions of IPP and the results were always correct.

in ourtestings, this happens only while using UINT8 matrices(Images).

For Example: For two matrices: one sized 3X5 and a smaller one 2X3.


85 194 177 253 39

241 233 2 32 19

23 250 93 243 132


149 84 17

2 227 19

IPP Result

0.121069 -0.616973 0.0344648

0.539306 -0.28021 0.162498

Ours and Matlab results

0.19392 -0.513159 0.0344648

0.578099 -0.178333 0.162498

As was said before , It does not matter what the data in the matrices is, the result always diviates.

Thank you

Dana O.

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Hello Dana,

Thanks for reporting this. We identified a bug in optimized version of this function. The bug will be fixed in the IPP 6.0 final release. Note, the latest availbale version,IPP 5.3 update 4,still contain that issue.


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