CameraCalibration2 problem

CameraCalibration2 problem

hi ! I have tow question

first : when I use CameraCalibration2 function in opencv I get exception tell me that opjects point must be 1xn or nx1 for 3 channel I write this code

CvMat * points3;

points3 = cvCreateMat(1,35,CV_32FC3);

CvMat * numPoints = cvCreateMat(1,1,CV_32SC1);

numPoints->data.fl[0] = 35.0f;

CvMat * points2 = cvCreateMat(1,35,CV_32FC2);

m_Intrinsic = cvCreateMat(3,3,CV_32FC1);

m_DitrorationCoeff = cvCreateMat(1,4,CV_32FC1);

m_Rotation = cvCreateMat(1,3,CV_32FC1);

m_Translation = cvCreateMat(1,3,CV_32FC1);


if any one can tell me the problem I will be very thanks

second : did the opencv have function make 3d reconstruction be getting 2 2d image points


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