Windows compiled IPP JPG loader / decompressor sample application?

Windows compiled IPP JPG loader / decompressor sample application?


Is there a windows compiled IPP JPG loader sample application available for download somewhere?

I'd like to test the speed of the JPG decompressor before deciding whether a 3rd party should create a library for us, based on IPP.

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please download IPP sample package, where you can find UIC (unified image codec) sample. It contains sources and precompiled GUIpicnic samplewhich allow you to encode and decode images and provide information on performance.


Hi Vladimir,

Thanks for the response.

I just benchmarked the JPG decompression speed, using "picnic.exe".

With the JPGs I used for testing, it was nearly 50% slower than a couple of other JPG decompressors I've tested with.

Is the app optimized for maximum decompression speed?

I'm just interested in raw decompression performance. The quality of the resulting image (smoothing, etc) is not important, as long as it's the entire image which gets loaded (ie. not a thumbnail, or a DCT downsample)

How do you compare picnic application performance with other JPEG decompressors?

If you are interested in raw decompression speed it is better to write simple test program which only execute decompression and measure the time required for that operation.



I just made a benchmark test using IJL (IJL15.dll), IJG and "Picnic".

I setup the decompressors to decompress a 6904x4600(yep, pretty large) JPG image.

IJL finished the entire decompression in 968ms. Very fast. It's this kind of speed I'm looking for.

IJG finished it in 2328ms.

And "Picnic" / IPP v6 finished in just around 2500ms. Slowest performer.

So IJL seems to be 2.5x faster than the JPG decompressor used in IPP v6. At least with all the tests I've made.

Do you have any idea how that could be? Could it be that there are some performance settings which aren't turned on in the "picnic" executable?


Any idea what could cause the major slowdown compared to IJL?

Alternatively, is it possible to obtain the IJL source, so we can work with taht instead?


I do not know what cause slowdown on your side. For our measurements, IPP JPEG codec used in Picnic application is the fastest among all other IPP optimized JPEG codecs (IJL and IJG). Note, IPP JPEG codec in Picnic application is threaded and is able to utilize additional processor cores if available.

If you have download IPP sample package you can find IJL source sample under image-codecs folder.


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