32 and 64 distributions on Windows

32 and 64 distributions on Windows

I have a program written in managed code and uses the ipps dll's. In order to access a function I have to import the functions via

const string lib = "ippsem64t-5.3.dll"; // vista 64


const string lib = "ipps-5.3.dll"; // 32 bit os

[DllImport(lib)] public static extern void ippsZero_64f(double[] dst, int len);

What is the best way to handle using the same program on different os? (Remember this is managed code so my same EXE can run on eithr OS) I was thiniking to define

const string lib = "my-ipps-5.3.dll";

and then just rename ippsem64 or ipps to that dll at installation depending upon the operating systems.

Is this a proper method, or will I get into trouble. Also, are their better ways of dealing with this issue.



PS; Is Intel planning on supplying managed wrappers or do we have to roll our own forever.

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you know in native code it is not easy to combine 32-bit and 64-bit code in single executable. To be honest I do not know the best way of doing that.

Currently we do provide an example of how to provide VB .NET or C# interface to IPP. We do not have plan to supply managed wrappers for IPP in the nearest versions. You could submit it as a feature request to Intel Premier Support.


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