using libm/libmmt with Visual Studio v6

using libm/libmmt with Visual Studio v6


is it possible to use libm or libmmt with Visual Studio v6? (I presume that libmmt is the multithreaded version of libm). I am attempting to use libmmt in a project that links to the multithreaded CRT and I get an internal link error.


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Please check with Intel Compiler documentation



I don't have the Intel Compiler or the Intel Compiler documentation. I have the ipp libraries and the ipp documentation. But from reading some of this forum, it sounds like the Visual Studio v6 compiler/linker isn't supported because it's too old.

There is no libmm libraries within IPP package, those are not IPP libraries, so you need to look for the right documentation regarding using them



so in my ipp5.3.1.064 release the libm.lib, libirc.lib and libmmt.lib libraries that I have been using shouldn't be there...

so it looks like I really do have to download the intel compiler in order to usethe intelmath libraries.

Ops, now I understand your question.

With the latest IPP 5.3 update we have added threaded static libraries. They are required from you to link some additional libraries which normally comes with Intel Compiler, but we also redistribute them with IPP for convenience.

If you will link with non threaded IPP static libraries you will not need to link these additional libraries.

Please check IPP Technical Resources page for details on linking IPP with MSVC v 6.0.


Thanks for your patience with this....but I don't think we have got to the bottom of the problem...

I would like to use the fast transcendental functions (such as exp, sin, cos) that Intel provides specifically for Intel x86 HW. As I understand, these are supplied in a library called 'libm'. In an effort to find libm, I downloaded MKL and IPP. In the IPP package, I found a library called libm. There was NO documentation about libm in the IPP package. However, I managed to use it happily with a simple Visual Studio v8 project (it crashed the linker in Visual Studio v6). Unfortunately I only managed to get it to work happily by linking statically to the CRT. My main project links to the CRT dynamically and therefore I would like a version of libm that links dynamically to the CRT.

I have just downloaded and installed an evaluation version of the Intel Compiler. I've looked in the lib folder and (wow!) I've found lots of libm versions, including one that looks likeit linksdynamically to the CRT.

So, in conclusion, its a bit strange that I must download a compiler to get a math library.

I glad you finally solve issue. Usually CRT libraries (including math) coming with compiler (for example, MS compiler). So why you are surpised to see them in Intel compiler?


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