Intel IPP v5.3 update 3 is now available

Intel IPP v5.3 update 3 is now available

Hi all,
The Intel IPP v5.3 update3is released now, please visit our web site at for more details.

This update mainly includes several bug fixes:

  • Bug fixes:

    • Corrected Huffman tables behaviors of JPEG compression in multithreading environment on AMD* processors
    • Fixed Saturated problem in function ippiCopySubpixIntersect_16u_C1R
    • Corrected results from using Image Dilation function ippiDilate_16u
    • Corrected results from using function ippsNorm_L1_32fc64f
    • Corrected results from using Image Processing correlation function ippiCrossCorrValid_NormLevel*
    • Fixed Image Processing Demo ippiDemo library loading issue for Mac OS*
    • Manual correction in "ippiMan.pdf": added descriptions for data type flavors 16u_C1/C3/C4/AC4 in Image Minimum and Maximum Operations Functions ippiMin/Max/MinMax/MinIndx/MaxIndx
    • Document correction for custom DLL section in IA32 Architecture Users guide "userguide_win_ia32.pdf"

Notes: If you would like to get notification about the product updates from Intel, the best way is to complete the product registratioanwith your valid product serial number or license through Intel Registration Center at


Intel IPP Team.

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