IPP 5.1 runtime setup questions

IPP 5.1 runtime setup questions

The documentation is unclear about which files are required to install the IPP runtime in a production environment. Some questions if I may:

1. Is the folder containing the relevant ipp5.1ia32 ools
untimeinstaller ?
2. Does the MSI file or one of the 3 .EXE files start the installation? Are they all required?
3. Data1.cab contains DLL files - are they all required or can the size of this file be reduced. Adding IPP support may mean my installation is now 30 times larger!

4. Is there any more documentation on how this works. It would be nice to streamline/shrink the process.


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Hi Jerry,

there are several ways to link your application with IPP. If you use static linkage or IPP custom DLL you can significantly reduce size required by your product distribution package. I'll add more details on your question a bit later (just consulting with engineers who provides IPP runtime installer).


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