Linking OpenCV and IPP and MKL staticly

Linking OpenCV and IPP and MKL staticly


I've been trying to use OpenCV, IPP and MKL staticly.
The problem is I can get OpenCV to be a static library and IPP to be a static library but I can't get OpenCV to use the static IPP library because OpenCV searches for the dll's at startup.
Is there any way to link OpenCV, IPP and MKL together so there are no dll's required and OpenCV does use the optimized functions of IPP and MKL?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Klaas,

as far as I know there is no such possibility in current OpenCV package. You may ask for that on OpenCV forum.


Right, now it is impossible to use IPP/MKL functions from statically linked libraries.
If you just want to decrease footprint, you may consider building custom DLL
(ippopencv100.dll) that will include only the functions that are used by OpenCV.



Thank you for the reply.
I'll look into making custom DLL's

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