*_3x3_S2 and *_3x1_S2 under Linux

*_3x3_S2 and *_3x1_S2 under Linux

I'm trying to take code written under Windows by a sub-contractor (that uses the IPP library) and get it working under Linux. (They knew not to use COM or any other blatantly Windows-specific libraries, so this isn't nearly the challenge it might have been.)

I got an evaluation copy of version 5.2 of the IPP libraries for Linux, and got it installed on my development box. However, the sub-contractor's code calls functions that look like ippmAdd_vv_64f_3x1_S2() or ippmMul_mm_64f_3x3_S2(), and my Linux header files only contain functions that look like ippmAdd_vv_64f() and ippmMul_mm_64f(). Is there some obvious way to translate calls of the former type into calls of the latter type?

(who thanks you for any help you can provide)

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Hello Keith,

please take a look on IPP Technical Resources page, where you can find many useful technical articles. For example, regarding IPP 4.x vs IPP 5.x compatibility


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