Here are VS2005 Project files for 2d-wavelet-transform

Here are VS2005 Project files for 2d-wavelet-transform

Place the files in the directory: "2d-wavelet-transform".

Change the compile and linker include directories to match your location. I hard coded mine. I haven't yet figured out how to get the VS2005 property sheets to allow you to input the enviroment variables listing your paths. Apparently the compiler can read them from the command line but the studio can't. You can always add the compiler and linker paths in your general option settings. I add the paths to the property sheets because I have just the 30 day trial access.

I did not have to turn off the "Use Unicode Character set" in the general properties and there were no linker problems.

I did have to alter the build.bat file because my compiler path is not in the standard "Program Files", path. Why use build.bat when one has project files, you ask? Because I built the program initially using build.bat and used the log files to get the compiler include file namesand the linker lib file names.
I logged the build using: build >>log.txt

I find the project files very convenient for using the debugger as all of the symbol files are built etc. It is also very convenient for adding new files of code. It is so nice to right click on a variable and have it go to the definition. Your classes can be expanded out in a tree view, and much more. Setting break points is surely a high value.

If a program needs a command line then you can add it in the properties sheet in the Debugging propety sheet. Add your comand line there called "Command arguments", and you can also enter a working directory. Of course you can read commandlines from within the program if you care to code it to read a file, or request inputs live.

Running a console program from within Visual Studio closes the window before you can inspect the results so I add the following line to wait for you topress a key:

while(getchar() == EOF);//stay here until user presses a key.

You can also use a popup message to wait.

Hope this has value for you. If I convert more before my life with IPP ends thenI will post them here.

Paul Roussin

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