Here is a VS2005 Solution and Project file for Simple_Player.

Here is a VS2005 Solution and Project file for Simple_Player.

I'm sorry if this already exist:

For what ever it is worthI made a VS2005 solution and project file for Simple_Player.

You may need to change the library paths from the property sheets for I hard coded mine. The compiler includes are all relative so that should be ok. Just set you linker directory paths.
It took forever to get all the includes and libraries correct. Also make sure there are no UNICODE compiler options on or you will have some external link errors. I had 4. I could not find this problem until I did a side by side comparison of the compiler commands take from the build log file and from my VStudio property sheets.

The player works but the -n switch does not seem to slow it down to normal speed. Perhaps the encoder is at fault(???).

By the way, I had to fix the batch files for the compiler. I used the cl8 switch for Built32.bat. It calls (path)makesearch_compilers.bat which has hard coded the compilerenvironment pathlike this: set TOOL="%ProgramFiles%Microsoft Visual Studio 8Common7Toolsvsvars32.bat"

My compiler installation has this variable set: VS80COMNTOOLS=C:VStudio8Common7Tools

so I changed set tools to: set TOOL="%VS80COMNTOOLS%vsvars32.bat"

Paul Roussin

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