Help! H.264 decoder will crash if some frames lost.

Help! H.264 decoder will crash if some frames lost.

Dear Sir:

I'm using IPP 5.1 H.264 decoder on windows. All works well while stream not broken;But some frames can be lost. In this case the decoder will crash in a method GetFrame of the decoder.
How to solve this problem ? Thanks a lot.

void H264SegmentDecoder::ReconstructMacroblockBMEHC(Ipp8u *pDstY,..
//Here is erro! &pRefPicList0[RefIndexL0] is 0x000000!!!! crash !
pRefYPlane = pRefPicList0[RefIndexL0]->m_pYPlane + offsetY;


thank you


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Maybe you can try with H.264 decoder from IPP 5.2? From "what is new" section the new decoder has provided missing frame handling:

  • new
    scheme of errors handling was introduced. The decoder able to play
    streams which have errors or missing fields/frames. Exception handling
    was implemented.

I have the same problem with 5.2...


in ReconstructMB::CompensateMotionLumaBlock is an unititialized pointer

Have you gotten a response?


Hi Rich,

thanks for reporting about that issue. I'll submit issue report on Intel Premier Support for you. Please expect our technical support engineers will contact you soon and sorry for the delay. Please note that you can submit issue report by yourself.


Dear rich,

We are investigating this problem in our premier support. Do you have a video file that can produce this problem? That will help us to find the problem more quickly.




Here are some further suggestion from our engineering expert: if the user is using MSVC compiler, it recommends to recompile the sample code with EHa option (instead of -EHsc) and fexception option for gcc. In this case IPP H.264 decoder could catch all possible exceptions and work much more stable. It will be helpful for IPP samples 5.2 gold sample (In IPP 5.2 version,we implemented new scheme of errors handling).




Was there a fix for this issue? I'm seeing it in IPP v6.1 (in my case it is linux though).


Any fixes found yet? Am observing a similar issue.

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