Buying IPP in the Intel el. shop

Buying IPP in the Intel el. shop

I'm from Ukraine. I'm trying to buy IPP 5.1 for Linux in the Intel Internet shop. But after entering the information about my credit card (Visa Classic) I get this:

Your billing address must match the address on your credit card statement and must be within one of the countries from which Shop Intel will accept orders.

What does it mean? Is my country in the black list of Intel?

Or else?


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Hi ligoban,

I submitted your report to Intel Premier Support, just a comment: I think you may find your local resellers, it is not necessary to buy IPP only from Intel web site.


Of course not. But the local reseller's price is higher for $30. I don't want to pay $30 somebody forno particular reason. I would like to pay exactly to Intel.

Besides, I've several times written about the problem while getting to the Intel Premier Support. It looks like it is a NULL-device where it is not possible to get any answer. Also I wrote about my problem to different Intel support services. But the keep silence. And when you answer that you've written to Intel Premier Support I believe that I'll never found the answer. Sorry for so long post.

I submitted issue on Premier Support, every issue on official support service is tracked, so you may expect that someone will contact you soon. But I'm not sure how they can help you with Visa card processing rules. Let's see.


Dear Customer,
We have received the forwarded question in Intel Premier, in order to follow up with you to resolve your purchasing issue, could you please provide your contact information sotheappropriateIntel business groupcan directly contact you? Or give us one of your submitted issue numbers where we can find your contact information.

Ying S
Intel Corp.

This is from one of the Support letters:

The Intel IPP team tells us they have created Premier Support issue #422244 to
communicate with your about this question.

That time I wanted to gey the information about the IXP processor. But I couldn't. Iinformed about it theSupportservice. But I cannot still get the necessary information because I cannot manage to enter the Premier support site.

You should be able to enter Premier Support if you hold valid IPP license


It is hard to explain especially if I've tried to do itseveral times. But I'll try once more: When I enter in the address-line of my Internet browser and then try to enter that site I immediatly found myself at this site: any cheking of my ligin and password. Everytime. In any case. It is simple - I cannot enter the Premier support site. And this morning too. In one of the support letter I was told that it's not necessary to have any Intellicenses to enter the premier support.

Special thanks to Chao Y. who sent me a portion of information about using IPP on the IXP. That is exactly the part of the informationwhat I need.

Of buying IPP: I've already ordered it and I'm supposed to pay $240 for it - this is my local reseller's price. For those who don't know - Intel's internet shop where I wanted to buy the IPP is not available for all countries.

Actually I had similar issue login to some time ago. I resolved it by deleting cookies on my computer.


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