[vb.net] ijl20.dll

[vb.net] ijl20.dll

To compile jpeg-ijl i get trial of Visual Studio.

build32 cl

generation ijl20.dll, but when use in vb.net i get error {System.DllNotFoundException}, search on this forum info, use depends on ijl20.dll.

Dependency Walker return:
MSJAVA.DLL - error opening file.
Instaling ms java.
Now only warning in mpr.dll in WNetRestoreConnectionA

but not running.

My declaration of ijl function:

Public Function ijlGetLibVersion() As Integer
End Function

Tomasz Gral

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Ok i'm use Dependency Walker 2.1, when use 2.2 return new error :
msvcr80.dll error file opening.
copy from c:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio 8VC
all files to debug folder
but now have Runtime Error R6034

Tomasz Gral

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