Error - "Cannot find IPP_EC echo canceller".... What is this error?

Error - "Cannot find IPP_EC echo canceller".... What is this error?

Hi i am new to Intel IPP. I tries running the sample program for
Intel IPP Echo Canceller but i am getting an error saying "Cannot find
IPP_EC echo canceller". All the environment variables are properly set.
I am not able to run the sample program.Can anyone please help?

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What is the operational system?

What software did you use to compile IPP examples?

Hi Ligoban,
Thanks a lot for your reply. I am honoured. As of now, i am successful
in getting some output from the Echo Canceller sample that is provided
in Intel IPP speech coding sample. The input to that sample is supposed
to be 3files as command-line arguments. i.e.
r-inPCMFile and s-inPCMFile files processed to perform echo path
parameter estimation and estimated echo is subtracted from s-in sample
and echo-free PCM data is written to s-outPCMFile file.

My problem here is i got the output but in a strange way. i.e. when i
executed the program with proper parameters (where my r-inPCMFile and
s-inPCMFile files were the outputs of a telephone conversation), i got
s-outPCMFile with one of the voices missing in the conversation and
that voice was replaced by a bad disturbance. Echo was never removed.

I would be glad if you help me on this. I use Fedora Core-III and gcc to compile IPP programs.

I need a solution on this as early as possible... Thanking you in anticipation..

Is your OS in the list of supported OS?

Another question - did you try to use different algorithms in your work?

[-a ]- specify an algorithm: fb (fullband), sb (subband) or sbf (subband-fast). Default: = sb.

Was the result the same withdifferent values of options?

Vladimir Dudnik, can you help in this question?

Yes i have tried all possible combinations but the intended echo is not
getting subtracted from the input file. Can the following be the reason
for it ? :: my r-inPCMFile and s-inPCMFile have same pitch (amplitude)
of voice. The echo is supposed to be of a lesser pitch than the actual
voice. But in my case the pitch of voices in the r-inPCMFile and the
r-inPCMFile] are equal. Can this create any problem for the algorithm
in detection of correct echo and/or removing it? (I think Acoustic Echo
Cancellers differentiate 2 voices (sounds) on the basis of the
amplitude -- NOT VERY SURE!!)
If not can you suggest some different files where i can test the echo removal?
Any mails regarding the same to me ( ) will be appreciated.


Can you please attach your r-in and s-in files so I can play with them?

Make sence also to decrease R-IN level, thus to lessenthe echo replica inS-IN. Also, an echo level is desired to belower thana talker voice.That is, before r-in and s-in files recording, nice todecrease a speaker volume.


Cite: ITU G167 Signal levels:

The tests described in the sequel apply to level signals between [30 dBm0] and [10 dBm0] at Rin, and acoustic signals with levels 4.7 dBPa [ 10 dBPa] at Sin


Could you please provide me your e-mail address so that i can send you those files...

Would you like to tell about the reason of the problem when it'll be solved?

Yes definitely. I am working in an IP based Voice Communication area
where there is a need to eliminate an inherent echo from the
transmitted and received voice data. If the sample gives some
significant immunity from echo, then planning for implementation of
Intel IPP in a regular course could be done. Hence the effort.

I used IPP vocoders in my work. We could share our IPPexperience if you don't mind.

My email:

Hi ligoban,
I would be the happiest. I am sending you the files right away on your
above mention e-mail address.. Which operating system do you work on?

I work under Windows XP Prof. and Linux ASP 11.

I wonder -what is the end of the story?

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