help with performance

help with performance

i dont know where to post this question so i decided to posted here

i have a p4 2.8 w/HT and ASUS p4p800 motherboard 2X 512 kingston DDR 400

until few months ago everything was working perfectly fine (btw i ll be refering to AiBooster by ASUS as it monitors my temperatures and performance)

before when i was copying big files within HardDrive (Maxtor 10 SATA) i would see a transfer rate of about 28MB/s and files (like DVDs on HDD)4.7GB would take approximately 2-3 minutes (we are talking encoding) now my highest speeds are 9MB/s and the ASUS Aibooster shows that the HT is beeing used @100% compare to 10% before and the temperatures remained the same @ 38-44C (at idle they are around 27C)

is there something wrong with the processor?

btw when i turn on the computer or restart and right away i go to above task i see 28MB/s transfers and HT usage @10-12% but after a minute or two the HT jumps to 100% and the rate drops to 8-9MB/s

can someone chime on this and tell me what copuld it be thank you


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