who can give a sample of mp3 decoder under ipp 3.0?

who can give a sample of mp3 decoder under ipp 3.0?

i have a pxa255 board. i want to use the ipp 3.0,

but i cannot get the manual Reference of 3.0 and the examples about mp3 decoder .

who can help me. give me some exaples code and manuals ?

thanks very much.

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I'm wondering why you still hold such an old IPP version? You may consider option to upgrade to the latest version, IPP 5.2 beta. You need to use IPP for IXP42x architecture to be able to run on PXA255 processor


thank you. but i don't know where can i get the IPP 5.2 beta free.can you tell me?

another question: can i use the IPP 5.1 evation version on PXA255?

thank you very much.

The Intel IPP 5.2 beta is available at http://www.intel.com/software/products/ipp/beta.htm
Secondly, you may chose the IXP package from IPP 5.1 eval version for PXA255.

Hope it helps.

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