32-bit packed RGB format R10G10B10

32-bit packed RGB format R10G10B10

I am attempting to use the IPP for handling 32-bit RGB packed format.
In the IPP doc I found functions for convertion of 16-bit Packed RGB images,
ie, for RGB555, RGB565..etc
Could you let me know if any such funtions is available for 32 Bit packed RGB data
ie, R10G10B10 .
10 bits for Red, 10 for Green and 10 for blue and the remaining 2 unused bits.

What is the best way to handle such 32-Bit packed RGB formats using IPP.

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what is source of images in such format? What kind of processing you are interested in?



Thanks for the prompt reply.
The source of the images in such format are from DPX files, which is
a common file format for Digital film work.

We are attempting to convert the image to another Bit-depth.
We may also require to apply color conversion functions .

Thanking you,



we currently do not have such function in IPP, but you can submit that as a feature request to Intel Premier Support


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