Which platform do I have?

Which platform do I have?

I am new to IPP and I am a little confused with the choices. I have three machines, one is a laptop with Pentium 4 CPU, another is a laptop with Pentium M CPU, a desktop with a Core 2 Duo E6300 CPU. Also, on the core 2 duo machine, I have two partitions, one has Windows XP installed, another has the 64 bit windows installed. Which IPP versions should I install on each of these machines and partitions? Thanks a lot in advance.

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IPP is separated by Intel architectures,

IA32 - allx86 systems (Pentium, Pentium M, Core/Core 2 Duo)

EM64T - Intel Extended 64-bit Memory architecture

Itanium - IA64 architecture

IXP - Xscale acrhitecture

Note, because ofbinray compatibility layer provided by OS it is possible to run ia32 code on EM64T and Itanium systems but not vice versa. Of course, in general, it is better to run native code on each system.


Hi Vladimir,

Thanks for the reply. I have one more question: I was told that the Core 2 Duo is a 64 bit CPU and I am able to install 64 bit XP on it. So should I use the EMT64T version of the IPP in this environment?


in fact Extended Memory 64-bit technology is feature that was built on top of IA32 architecture. That means, that Intel processors which support EM64T also support IA32. In other words, if you will install 32-bit operating system on your Core 2 Duo platform you'll get 32-bit system and if you will install 64-bit operating system you will get 64-bit system. Intel Core 2 Duo supports both 32-bit and 64-bit operations.

So, you can use IPP for IA32 in case 32-bit OS and you can use IPP for EM64T in case of 64-bit OS. Note, you also will be able to run 32-bit application (and IPP) on 64-bit OS because of compatibility layer.


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