ZLIB and GZIP problems in data compression sample

ZLIB and GZIP problems in data compression sample

I'm having problems with the IPP compression sampleusingthe -zlib and the -gzip options.Most of the time the process is successful, but some files are not processed correctly.The resulting output filefrom encoding then decodingis sometimes larger or smaller than the original and thecontents are different.

Environment:Windows 2000, IPP 5.1.1, Visual Studio .NET (2002)

Here are the commands I'm using and the output I receive:

C:>ippcompress -zlib -6 test_in.bmp test.zip
Compressed file test_in.bmp (103796 bytes) to file test.zip (1108 bytes)

C:>ippdecompress test.zip test_out.bmp
Decoded file test.zip (1108 bytes) to file test_out.bmp (112399 bytes)

I've included the test_in.bmpsample file that causes problems for me. (renamed to jpg becausethisforumwon't let me uploada file withthe bmp extension)

Any help would be appreciated,


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Hello Henry,

our experts investigated that issue and they have confiremed that this is bug in IPP data compression sample v5.1. This bug will be fixed in the next version of IPP.


Dear Customer,
The IPP 5.2 beta is available now, you can find the beta at http://www.intel.com/software/products/ipp/beta.htm

Download the new beta and new update data compression sample to find if this issue is fixed in 5.2 beta.

Hope it helps.
Ying S
Intel IPP Support

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