Q&A: Measuring IPP performance

Q&A: Measuring IPP performance

This is a question received by Intel Software Network Support, along with an answer provided by an expert at Intel:

Q. This question is related to Ying Song's Intel Software Network article entitled Measure Intel IPP Function Performance.

I was wondering if you have any performance statistics for Video encoding using the IPP sample code for MPEG4 (H.264)? Something that would tell the number of frames per second at a given resolution on a given processor would be interesting.

A. We recommend that you look at this online document, which contains information about the performance test and the related data that is installed with the Intel IPP: Using the Performance Tool

Also, youcan view our online performance data for video codecs here: Benchmarks

If you are using the UMC sample code, youcan also measure performance usingyour own data and system. This is the best way to do it.


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