IPP 5.1 MPEG4 GetFrame() No Image

IPP 5.1 MPEG4 GetFrame() No Image

I am using GetFrame() of MPEG4 decoder in DirectShow. The renderered image does not show correct image. I have set output to YUY2. I have crossed checked with sample code with IPP and everything seems all right. Following is the code

MediaData p_dataIn;
VideoData p_dataOut;

int err_code = 0;
int mRetval;

p_dataIn.SetBufferPointer((vm_byte *)pSrc,lSrcLen);

mRetval = GetFrame(&p_dataIn,&p_dataOut);

if( mRetval == UMC_OK )
int nRet = p_dataOut.GetDataSize();

In the above code
pDest = pointer to the DirectShow buffer from IMediaSample
*lDestLen = length of the buffer.

Thanx in advance

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