AAC Audio Codec in IPP 5.1

AAC Audio Codec in IPP 5.1


I've created a sample application that uses the AAC decoder in the UMC samples. It looks like it's correctly set up. I have several AAC streams that I've decoded with libfaad, and it works fine. However, these same streams cannot be decoded with the IPP version. In one case, the decoder almost always gets into a bad frame state, however once and a while it returns 1 channel worth of 22.050kHz data (even though libfaad returns 6 channels of 48kHz data all the time). The other stream doesn't want to decode at all.

Are there any known limitations with the Intel IPP AAC?


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there is comment from our expert:

Intel AAC decoder supports only LC, LTP, MAIN and SSR profile (fixed point version supports only LC and LTP profiles) and ADIF, ADTS and MP4 stream container. With these limitations IPP Intel AAC is fully compliant to standard. You can try audio_codec_con application to decode you streams. You can also find example of using AAC decoder in the source code of this application.


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