Regd IppiConvert

Regd IppiConvert

Hi Everybody,

I am having 48 bit Images and need to convert the image into 24 bit.[ie.,to decrease the bit depth].

For that purpose I have used Ippiconvert_16u8u() and Ippiconvert_16s8u().I used two pointers pointing to source buffer anddestination buffers.source buffer contains exact image data.

The function doesn't fail but it doesn't show the expected results.The function returns no error.It fills the destination buffer with 0xFF.The entire destination buffer is filled with 0xFF.

I thought that I may given the source step and destinationstep parametrswrong.

Anybody Plz clarify me and how to use Ippiconvert_16u8u()??

God bless u all


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