3D Image interpolation using Intel IPP

3D Image interpolation using Intel IPP

I am new to Intel IPP. I need to find a fast 3D image interpolation routine for image analysis. I tested some interpolation function in Matlab, but they are too slow. Here is my problem:
1) A 3D volume data, for example, an array with dimension of 512 by 512 by 30.
2) A 3D displacement field, which indicate each pixle's X, Y, Z displacement in the volume.
A 3D volume using interpolation of the displacement fields.

I am not sure whether there are some existing routine in Intel IPP, or is it easy to implement it using Intel IPP. Any sugguestions are welcome. Thank you.

- Junyi

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Hi Junyi,

We are interested in 3D image processing too, but there is still no any generally accepted data format for 3D imaging. Is it possible to do your task in 2 stages for each x,y plane, then for each x,z (or y,z) plane?


Hi Vladimir,

Thank you for your reply. I did a simple linear interpolation on the 8 nearest points to the calculated point in the volume. Just wondering whether there is existing code available for the 2D or 3D interpolation. From your reply, it seems like the current IPP is only for 2D image processing, isn't it? Thanks.


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