Can you give me a sample code to decode H.264 bitstream ?

Can you give me a sample code to decode H.264 bitstream ?

Dear Sir:
I can find the H.264 encoder sample on IPP media sample.

However I want to decode H.264 bitstream.

The Simple_Player was too complex.

Can you give me a sample code to decode H.264 bitstream.

Thanks a lot!!!

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We only have this UMC sample code at this time. If it helps, we can provide one .Net Project file, you step into the code to understand the H.264 decoding.


Thanks your reply.

I need theUMC sample code. I had spend too much time to decode h.264 bitstream.

The p_vidDecoder->GetFrame(p_dataIn,p_dataOut) return OK ,but I can't get the decoded data from VideoData p_dataOut. I hope you can help me soon.

I can decode my bitstream file with simple_play. but the simple_play too complex. So please e-mail to me the UMC h.264 decode sample code . Thanks a lot !

my e-mail is


I am also very interested insimple_player. So if, it isposible,pleasesend me one .Net project file. My email is


Hi, simple_player is part of IPP media sample, you can download it from IPP page.


I would very much appreciate receiving a VS.NET or VS2005 project file for the simple_player.

Thanks very much.

Sorry, what we provide and test in each IPP release is Makefile based build scripts for all IPP samples. There is special reasons for that. It should not be too difficult to create project on base of Makefile info, you can see all compile time options and definitions in Makefile or in build log files.


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