XScale IPP

XScale IPP


I want to build my project to use it with the XScale processor. I downloaded the w_ipp_ixp_p_5.1.017.exe setup to get the XScale IPP library. I have the following questions:

1- Is this the right setup for the XScale IPP (w_ipp_ixp_p_5.1.017.exe)?

2- DoI have to use the Windows CE to use that IPP?

3- DoI need an emulator/compiler i have to use to build and run my project?

4- Please, can you tell my about any details that I need to use the IPP under XScale?


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1. IPP for IXP will work on both PCA25x and PCA27x processors. We also provide separate IPP for Xscale wich utilizes WMMX instruction set and so only work on PCA27X processors

2. We provide IPP for both Windows CE and Linux, so you can choose most appropriate environment

3. Of course you need some C/C++ compiler

4. I recommend you to take a look on IPP samples, many of them can be used on Xscale based platform.


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