about biquad filter

about biquad filter

Deal all:
I want to filter a float-data signal by a biquad filter.
This biquad filter is 7 cascade.
I initialize the filter by
ppsIIRInitAlloc_BiQuad_32fc(&m_pBiQuadState, tapsBq, 7, NULL);
but which function is the filtering part?
IIROne_BiquadDirect(Ipp16s *, , ,) and IIR_BiquadDirect(Ipp16s *,,) allow interger data.
I don't want to convert the data type from float to integer.
which function is the correct filtering part?

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there is comment from IPP expert

The right function is ippsIIR_32f()

Due to the ippsIIRState has been initialized with BiQuads youll get BiQuad IIR filtering data.


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