Hello, it's emergency. I search an example code for MPEG-4 decoder. I work with intel ipp functions. If somebody have already worked on mpeg4 with this functions, please contact me. Thank you for your help.


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did you try IPP media-sample? It contains source code for several codecs, including MPEG4 video decoder and simple player application based on top of that.


It is a solution which I want to test but I do not manage to obtain the source code of IPP media-sample.Thelink on the site of INTEL is missing would like to know if you have this source code because I do not manage to obtain it. Thank you for your help.Samir

They're available through Intel Premier downloads. If you have a full or evaluation version of IPP, you should be able to login to


Thank you for yourhelp I have solved my problem with your advice. Good bye

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