about huffman decoding state structure in jpeg ipp..

about huffman decoding state structure in jpeg ipp..

Hi~We areusing the IPP 5.0 jpegsample code and IXP library in this site.As the IPP reference manual p 971(document number,A70805-016),"the fields of the structure of "IppiDecodeHuffmanstate" are hidden from user."But, we would like to know the structure.How can we know that?

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fields of this structure are hidden because they may be different on different architectures.

You can tract IppiDecodeHuffmanState as

typedef struct _ownpjDecodeHuffmanState
Ipp64u uBitBuffer;
int nBitsValid;
int nEndOfBlockRun;
} ownpjDecodeHuffmanState;

Or, you can use ippiDecodeHuffman8x8_Direct_JPEG_1u16s_C1 function, which do exactly the same job but all fields which are hidden in structure are available as a parameters.


Thank you for your kind explanation.We will try to adopt your suggestion.Have a nice day.

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