Hue modification problem with iipiAddC

Hue modification problem with iipiAddC


I have image data available in HSV format and to change Hue I am trying to use iipiAddC function by which I add constant value to current Hue value of pixel. Problem is in case of overflow this value is saturated at 255 and hue effect stops getting modify.

For example, if I have pure Blue image and I add values from 0 to 255, I get all variations of hue that is from Blue-Cyan-Green-Yellow-Red-Magneta-Blue.
But for a pure Red image when I start adding values from 0-255, it goes from Red-Magneta-Blue and then saturates on Blue if you keep adding it will shift to Red again.

What is the way I can vary Hue other than modifying hue value of each pixel individualy?


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