C# Wrappers using P/Invoke

C# Wrappers using P/Invoke

I have noticed that the ms.net sample contains C# wrapper classes for some of the IPP dll's. These classes contain external method definitions like this example from ipps.cs

[DllImport(ipp.sp.libname)] public static extern
IppStatus ippsAddC_32f (  float *pSrc, float val, float *pDst, int len );

It look like it is automatically generated by some tool. Could these wrapper classes be made part of the product distribution instead of being buried inside a sample you have to locate and download? And can Ifind wrappers for all the libraries somewhere. Ippm seems for example to be missing in the sample.

Manually writing all these definitions is very time consuming and error prone, so any help or tool would be appreciated.

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