IPP DV codec ?

IPP DV codec ?

Hi, i have use IPP to build a prototype of on-stream watermarking operator which as a dv stream input and a dv stream output. By using the ipp dv routine i have a really fast decoding video segment process (1 day to add the dv functionnality (full dv25/420 decoding) in my tools), but now i would like perform vlc-coding of a video segment (after some change in the dct of each block ie. watermarking).....

i regret that there is no recoding function symetric to HuffmanDecodeSegment_DV....

i understand that coding is not standardized and that several strategy could be use.

if someone as a sample of dc coder of video segment after HuffmanDecodeSegment_DV, i would appreciate a share of sample.


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