Why I cannot load ippIP_WMMX50PPC_d.dll or ippIP_WMMX50PPC_r.dll?

Why I cannot load ippIP_WMMX50PPC_d.dll or ippIP_WMMX50PPC_r.dll?


I use Embedded VC++4.0 with SP4 on Window XP professional and Pentium M processor. The target platform is Intel PXA270 with WinCE.net 5.0. I use IPP5.0 for PCA with WMMX, since PXA270 is a PCA with WMMX.

When I try to use Raw image processing functions, ippiFree_10RGGBtoYCbCr_RotRsz_P3R,ippi10RGGBtoYCbCr_RotRsz_8u_P3R and ippiInitAlloc_10RGGBtoYCbCr_RotRsz_P3R. I found that they are only avaible in dynamic libs, since I have to link ippIP_WMMX50PPC_d.dll.lib or ippIP_WMMX50PPC_r.dll.lib in the Embedded VC++ environmnet to avoid the linking errors.

First I tried the implicit linking to DLLs. After created the executable file in Windows XP, I copied it to the target platform with PXA270 processor. I also copied all the DLLs for PCA with WMMX to the directory having the excutable file. The application can not run. It always reports that "Cannot find 'DecodeTest' (or one of its components). Make sure the path and filename are correct and that all the required libraries are available." The DecodeTest is the application name.

Then I tried the explicit linking to DLLs. I found that I cannot load ippIP_WMMX50PPC_d.dll or ippIP_WMMX50PPC_r.dll by the LoadLibrary function. I tried other DLLs, such as ippJP_WMMX50PPC_d.dll and ippJP_WMMX50PPC_r.dll, all are fine.

This is the code that I try to load libs.
MessageBox(_T ("hDLL!"),_T ("Error!"), MB_ICONINFORMATION|MB_OK);
DWORD exc=GetLastError();

The question is why I cannot load ippIP_WMMX50PPC_d.dll or ippIP_WMMX50PPC_r.dll?



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Thanks for your report.

With this latest version of IPP, we didnt release miscIP and miscSP binaries but only source code and makefile. You need to build a miscIP library to make ippIP work, please follow the steps below as a workaround:
1.Remove #include Codecdef.h from miscIP source code; (its due to a bug that will be fixed in future versions)
2.Build miscIP source code into a dll; (we only release source files for miscIP & miscSP)
3.Using miscIP.dll together with ippIP.dll
We will fix this issue in next version.
Ying S
Intel Corp.

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