Intel(R) IPP version 5.0 is now available!

Intel(R) IPP version 5.0 is now available!

Intel Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel IPP) 5.0 is the latest version of Intel's premier software library for media and communications application development. Intel IPP 5.0 is now available from Intel and selected resellers.

What's New in Intel IPP 5.0:

  • Expanded Set of Codec Samples
    Intel IPP 5.0 code samples now include additional features for using Intel IPP to implement advanced codecs for H.264 Main Profileand Motion JPEG, and new computer vision samples.
  • New Codec Development Framework
    Intel IPP 5.0 code samples now introduce a unified framework of C++ Unified Media Classes (UMC) and Unified Speech Classes (USC) to streamline the development of advanced video and speech codecs.
  • Expanded Intel IPP Functionality
    Boost data compression and color conversion performance of media and communication applications using Intel IPP 5.0's new functions and function domains, including:
    • new Color Conversion and Data Compression function domains
    • additional cryptography functions (Diffie-Hellman, Elliptic Curve)
    • additional functions for computer vision.
    • new functions for G.729 codecs
  • New Support for Embedded Applications
    In addition to existing Windows* and Linux* operating system support, Intel IPP 5.0 now also supports the Windows CE operating system for embedded Intel Architecture processors.
  • New Processor Support
    Intel IPP 5.0 has performance enhancements to exploit the power of dual- and multi-core processors. In addition, Intel IPP 5.0 now adds new support for the Intel IXP4xx Product Line of Network Processors.

As with previous versions, Intel IPP 5.0 is backed by our Intel Premier Support program, and Intel IPP's runtime libraries are redistributable royalty-free with your application.

Please visit our product URL

for more details about the new Intel IPP 5.0.

Intel IPP Team

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Is this available as part of the IPP Premier Support upgrade to the existing? Or is this considered a new product?

I went looking at the download center ( and did not find it.


No, all new packages and samples for version 5.0 are also downloadable from products below in Intel Premier Support:

"Intel IPP for Windows*"
"Intel IPP for Linux*"
"Intel IPP Samples"
"Cryptography for Intel IPP"

Let us know if you have questions.
Thank you.
Ying S
Intel Corp.

I have an older version (ver 4.1) of IPP (got in April 05).

Two simple questions:

Can I just download ver 5.0 for my developement?

And can I re-distribute the run-time library of version 5.0?

Thank you!


Dear Customer,
If you still have valid product support maintenance from your IPP 41, you should be able to get free upgrade to 5.0 via Intel Premier Support.

You can also go to and check if you have valid support license to get free upgrade.

If you holds commercial license of Intel IPP, yes, then you can redistribute the run-time library.

Hope it clarifies.

Ying S
Intel Corp.

Thank you very much!

I also found the place to download ver 5.0 finally. However, I saw there is a problem with ver 5.0. Should I wait for newer version? Since we already shipped some our product with run-time library, I don't want to take any chance.

Thank you in advance


Hi Jun,

yes, there are some issues in IPP (as in any big enough software product). But you not necessary should wait until next release. You may consider if these issues will affect you. It depends from what particular IPP functionality you are going to use and what is your planned usage model.

You probably mean issue with handles leaks in applications which use IPP DLL. Note, this not affect IPP static libraries, so you stillbe able to utilizebenefits from new, IPP v5.0 functionality and additional optimization.



Will next IPP release include a generic Turbo Coder/Decoder?. It can be extremelly interesting for signal processing applications


to be honest we do not have plan for implementing Turbo codec (what is that?). But you can submit your feature request for Intel Premier Support


No, I do not find any Turbo encode/decode functions in IPP V5.
There are viterbi decode functions.

Turbo code is a the most important channel coding tech for 3G or future Telecommunication.
Viterbi coder is for 2G/2.5G.

I find a bug for .lib. Intel should protect the IPP V5!

The demo IPP5 do not release the static libraries, but the can be found easily and it can beunziped by winrar. The static libraries(such as ippsremerged.lib, ippcvemerged.lib,...) can be obtain very easily!

I find it so easy to call the functions(with the processor code prefix w7/t7/...):

Even without any .lic!!! should be encrypted!!!
Or the static libraries should be deleted from

For example:
extern "C" __stdcall int w7_ippsFIR_32fc(Ipp32fc *x0, Ipp32fc *u, int n, FIRState_32fc *pState);
extern "C" __stdcall int w7_ippsFIRInitAlloc_32fc(FIRState_32fc **pState, Ipp32fc *x, int, Ipp32fc *);
w7_ippsFIRInitAlloc_32fc(&pState, (Ipp32fc*) x, 7, NULL);
w7_ippsFIR_32fc((Ipp32fc*) x0, (Ipp32fc*) u, 2*n+5, pState);

Even without lic file, the program can be linked with ippsmerged.lib and run the ippsFIR_32fc function successfully.

Please Intel notices the!


thanks for informing us. You can submit your functionality request to Intel Premier Support where it will be tracked and revising at next IPP versiion planning stage


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