Problem with IPP for Windows under VC++ .NET2003

Problem with IPP for Windows under VC++ .NET2003


serious problem. I have been building a custom DLL of IPP functions for my own project.

Everything seemed to work perfectly for months but now i figured out a serious problem when debugging my app that seemed to occure so rare that i did not recognize it at the beginning! Since my project grew a lot the occurency probability of the problemis now much higher than before and i am facing it nearly in very debug run!

I figured out that sometimes when i set breakpoints into my code during runtime the VC++ debugger seems not to recognize this breakpoint. BUT taking a closer look at it i recognized that the debugger stopped at the breakpoint BUT only the IDEof VC++ did not recognize this.
So the debugger thinks he is in run mode but it is definitly not since the app does not react anymore.

The problem is not bound to my computer. The behaviour is recognizable on every computer i tried it out!

Additional Remarks:
I now started to isolate the problem by simply building small testcontainers for nearly every DLL in my project. To simulate the dbugging problem (that does not occure every time you set a breakpoint in the app...thats a problem) i just created a loop with a simple sleep operation in it.
Now i ran the app and performed randomset and clear breakpoint at the sleep command by alternativelypressing (F5/F9) in very high frequency.

And it was amazing. The debugger reacted correctly about 20-40times and suddenly it hung! I was not able to go back to run mode from the step by step mode of the debugger since it did not recognize the state change to step by step!
From there it is only possible to stop debugging at all -> by exiting thewhole debug session.

As soon as i removed the IPPCustomDLL -linkage from my project the problem never occured!

So ---> I assume that linking against the IPPCustomDLL causes the problem.
I have been using the IPP customDLL sample from the IPP sample directory with just some different function headers within and that's it!

I have been taking a closer look at the compile settings (everything is compiled in Multithreaded Debug DLL) but figured out no mistakes.

Is it possible that the IPP performs low level operations that causes the VC++ Debugger to cause this serious problem!?!?

Is there anyone out there who has a little hint to clear the problem or figured out any similiar problems?

Best regards,

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