Displaying a IplImage in C#.NET Winform

Displaying a IplImage in C#.NET Winform


I downloaded the IPP Eval Library and the Image Processing Library sample.

The "Image Processing Library (the sample)" written on top of IPP has the needed function for me.
For example:
Bluring, ContrastStreching and so on.

I am writing unsafe code in C#.NET which interacts with the ipl.dll to do the Image Processing.

I am able to get the image pixel values from the .NET's image class and also able to consturct the "IplImage" structure.

I am also able to do all the Image processing (like applying Brightness, Contrast...)

But when I try to display the Image I was not able to display the ROI alone.

Can anybody help me on this...

Sorry for the bad english.

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You probably may be also interested with IPP C# samples, did you take a look on it?

See for the whole list of IPP samples at this link:


I got the C# samples.

But before that, I solved the problem.

It have done some mistake in calculating the zoomfactor for the zoom/decimate.


Great, glad to hear you solved theissue



I also have that kind of problem : I need to convert a IplImage structure into a C# Bitmap object, and reverse. I've downloaded the sources of the link below, but I can't see how it can help.

Please if you could give some clues in order to achieve this work. Thanks in advance.

Simon - France


sources show how to access to Bitmap bits and how marshal them to native functions. I think you can find more info on MSDN articles.


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