some thoughts on the Media Processing Samples

some thoughts on the Media Processing Samples

... I'm making a new post hoping for that other people will join in expressingtheir views on UMC


Hi Vladimir,

As you requested here are some thoughts on the Media Processing Samples:

1.the proposedUMC architecture does make a lot of sense if you're dealing with a different application contexts (e.g. media transcoding, playback, etc) using a variety of audio and/or video codecs/formats.

2. for some people (as myself) interested only in the particular components of entire architecture (e.g. H.264 encoder) there is some associated extra complexity overhead necessary to support application interfacing and OS virtualization L, while application building oriented people should truly appreciate J a set of efficiently implemented components as splitters, encoders, file writers etc forming DirectShow-like architecture.

3. here are some suggestionsfor the future:

a) to show a value of UMC Id recommend to provide more examples in the application directory of Media Processing Samples e.g. for video and/or audio format transcoding using typical UMC components - what about extending UMC with a capture components for live video and audio? (previously Ive used DirectShow for that) graphics+alpha blending? adding customized audio/video processing plug-ins before or after audio/video coding/decoding (is umc_reverb_demo such example?) RTP streaming?

b) please provide as much as possible extra documentation regarding both low-level components of UMC and application-level descriptions vs. learning via code analysis/debug

c) please think if possible about profiled or configurable building of this sample e.g. audio-only vs. video-only, codecs-only vs. decoders-only so everyone would be able to include only optional components of interest (perhaps, this might be a reason why we dont see a much interest in UMC on the forum list?) -what about providing project files for VC6/7???

Thank you for providing and please continue enhancing/extending IPP!

Best regards,


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