_w7_ownippsDeinterleave_32f_2_w7 causes Blue Screen in kernel mode driver

_w7_ownippsDeinterleave_32f_2_w7 causes Blue Screen in kernel mode driver

_w7_ownippsDeinterleave_32f_2_w7uses register esp as temporal register to optimize code. This will cause failure while checking whether stack is overflow in kernel mode driver.
This is a serious problem. May IPP devolpers fix the problem ?

1._w7_ownippsDeinterleave_32f_2_w7 is the functionin IPP4.1.2 above.
2.Is thereany function making the same mistake ?

Thanks, J.S. Chu

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If this is real problem you already met with using this function - thanks for informing us, I'll pass this info to developers. Please also submit this issue to Intel Premier Support.


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