Why isn't it faster?

Why isn't it faster?


I have a c++ Vector4d class and was hoping to improve its performance using ipp. I had 4 doubles with the values and exchanged them for a vector (which I allocate with ippsMalloc).

Now, I only perform regular operations (+, -, dot product) and I tested the class against its old implementation, using the dot product for that (its the operation I use the most):

Using g++ without optimization flags, I got slightly better results with ipp. With compiler optimization, though, the code without ipp was a lot faster (!!!).

What I tried then was to perform the dot product by hand in the ipp class (accessing the vector values directly from the allocated array). There was a significant performance boost and the ipp class overcame the other one.

Why is that? Memory allignment? Why isn't the ippmDotProduct_vv_64f_4x1 functioon faster than the direct calculation (v[0]*a.v[0] + v[1]*a.v[1] + v[2]*a.v[2] + v[3]*a.v[3])?

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could you please specify what version of IPP do you use and on which platform?

BTW, I think one of the reason can be if you process very small amount of data, like 1, 2, 3 or 4 elements in array the call of library function costs more than calculation itself.


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