JPEG Encode / Decode

JPEG Encode / Decode

Can somebody provide a Delphi sample for encoding and decoding jpeg images from to bitmaps ?

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Any help?

Any help?

I worried, too.
I do not understand the algorithm of JPEG.
1. I made ijl20.dll by using VC in
2. I am using ijl20.dll from delphi.

I dont have VC but only Delphi. Can you email me the ijl20.dll ?

I finally got the ijl20.dll compiled. Can someone provide me delphi header files ?

This is a delphi6 project.

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Thanks. That helps alot. I can compress / decompress now. But i wonder why reading jcprops.jprops.processor_type returns

ippCpuUnknown ?

On a Intel Centrino i should get ippCpuCentrino, right ?

Maybe i compiled the ijl20.dll in a wrong way. Can you send my your compiled version for testing ?

I corrected

Thanks a lot. Any advises to speed up JPEG compression / decrompression with IJL ? Do you use the faster IPP functions also ?

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