Could I use g.729 ipp on PXA270?

Could I use g.729 ipp on PXA270?

My developing platformis PXA270, hopen(a software system not win nor linux)

I have noticed that the version 4.0 of ipp includes g.729 in speech processing and echo cancellation in audio processing. I want to make productsinthe field ofVoip and so I want to use the ipp function to save my development time. However, I am not familar with ipp.
My questions are:
1. What does the ipp which I can buy from intel includes, a compiled library or a series of function codes?
2. Can I use the g.729 included in ipp on the PXA270 directly? If yes, are there application examples? and what are the parameters, such as MIPS, Memory?
3. If the g.729 of ipp is not supported for PXA270, what product of intel can I usefor g.729 and echocancellationin the development?

Thanky you!

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Dear Customer,
The current Intel IPPpackage for PCA does not support G.729 for PXA25x/26x and PXA27x processors.

If you think this is an important feature for your application, please file a feature request with details via Intel Premier Support.

In the meantime, G.729 supportand sample are only availablefor Intel Pentium, Xeon and Itanium processors.

Hope it helps.
Ying S
Intel IPP Support

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