what's the exact bit(s) layout for imalloc

what's the exact bit(s) layout for imalloc

when using peek on the memory stack (using clarion)
then how does
* 8u_AC4 looks ?
* 32s_AC4

like 8u_AC4
is like for one pixel :
(red) 00000000 (green) 00000000 (blue) 00000000 alpha (00000000)
or not and is it..:

(red) 00 (green) 00 (blue) 00 alpha (00)

i need to know also to understand of how big the imalloc is..(and for swapping into the DC etc.)

i use normal basic api's with prototyping in clarion for windows

it 'works' for now, but i can't (yet) create etc. any picture or use it in combination with normal createcompatiblebitmap / setdibits etc.

i hope deeply someone can explain me the bit logic behind it
(and i understand so far, i do not need any planes)

friendly greetings,
Menno de Ruiter

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you can allocate memory to keep Ipp8u data with ippiMalloc_8u,
to keep data Ipp16u with ippiMalloc_16u and so on. Please refer to IPP documentation for more details.


ok, thanks..

i refered to the manual (but there was a short lookup manual which i thought it was the only one).. now i found out.. that there are 2 pdf's about the ippi

gladly the other one is very descriptive..

thanks Vdudnik for all your answers,

i although think it's Clarion not handling the prototypes / .lib good on someway.. i can get a imalloc .. witha good pointer.. but 'doing' some functions on this.. flips out the program..

so, i'm affraid that was the end of my clarion career..
visual studio will be my next one :-)


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