developing in Clarion.. tells me .. dll in waterfalling not found

developing in Clarion.. tells me .. dll in waterfalling not found


I am 'trying' to make the IPP work in Clarion ( enterprise version 6.1


but if i try IPPIGetLibVersion.. it tells me...

Error at loading of ippIP library
No DLLs were found in the Waterfall procedure

i placed all dll's in the executable directory
this message i get as with compiling on smart linking and on stand alone

Menno de Ruiter

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.. ok.. it worked already :-)

i made library's of the px (instead of the '20's)

also all the prototyping works.. with clarion ..
this is great,
now i'm spending days with imalloc and comparing this to normal 32 bits alpha createdibsection.. but i don't (yet) understand, of how to work with ipp in combination with normal basic windows api's

menno de ruiter

Please consult with Linking with Intel IPP
for more details about how to use IPP libraries in your application.


Yes, thanks, it's working. I used created .lib's out of the wrong dll's for a different processor. Now i use the Px and i do not get the message and some functions do work.


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