IPP and Windows CE AC97 Driver??

IPP and Windows CE AC97 Driver??

Hello gurus,

I am trying to change windows CE audio ac97 driver with IPP. After getting data from Ac97 codec, I want to send it to IPP driver. The Audio driver is AC97 PDD/MDD model. In which part is best for capturing the data to send to IPP library?

AC97 <------> DMA <-----> Application.
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in which part would be best in hooking the data and sending it into IPP library? Basically, I want to try process some data such as echo canceling or noise filtering using IPP.

1. One worry is thatsome cases the IPP library takes a bit of time to process FFT(DCT). How can solve this problem?

2. Once I get data from DMA, can I overlap after processing the data to DMA buffer directly?

3. How can I synchronize it?

Thanks in advance

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as I remember, Windows DDK recommends keep ISR procedures as short as possible. So, you'll probably need to use DPC routines instead. That's all form Windows XP DDK, I'm not sure if Windows CE has the same.

To speedup FFT youcan reuse ippsFFTSpec.


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