ipp incomplete !

ipp incomplete !

hi all
I have a loud complaint to make
why is the ippi so incomplete ?
when ever I try to make a template for different data types I get stack time and time again - an example :
try to make a matrixMIN function :
if your data is 8u,16s or 32f you can use : ippiMin_8u_C1R,ippiMin_16s_C1R,andippiMin_32f_C1R accordingly
what do you do if your data is 8s,16u or 32u32s ?

don't tell me you could not have completed the set ?
and this is an example - it happens all the time !!!
am I missing something here ?

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Adi, right now you can call a conversion function and then find a max. Thank you for your loud note.

i do not say that one of the incompletenesses would be searching for a max for 29s data type

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