please do not confuse the newbies

please do not confuse the newbies

code from ippiman.pdf (page 73 of 1264, or 4-5):

IppiSize rroi = {5,4};
Ipp32f x[5*4];
Ipp8u y[5*4];
ippiSet_32f_C1R( -1.0f, x, 5, rroi );

someone in a hurry, actually used this code sample, and got a headache ...
I will not tell you who, though ... :smileywink:

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I will do as follows.
ippiSet_32f_C1R( -1.0f, x, 5 * sizeof(Ipp32f), roi );

The code of the manual is strange.

Thanks, .. figure it out before posting, but maybe one of you guys could send a to-do note to the editors...
Agood manualshould haveonly tested code samples,
otherwise, its mistakesmight confuse readers and might lower the confidence in it.


thank you. will be corrected

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