merged lib, where is it?

merged lib, where is it?

in the borland linking info page
it is said "The Intel IPP merged static library is located in the lib directory"

there is no such thing in IPP4.1...
Is there someone who knows the file name and location of the merged lib ?

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It seems you have evaluation version of IPP. Static merged libraries only available in full version.



I'm thinking of buying IPP but would just like to clear some things up:

* The evaluation version only has dynamic linking, where as the full version allows static linking? Our software is supplied as a single .dll file and I don't want this to change.

* Can I call px_ a6_ etc versions of functions directly in the full version? I cannot find the definitions for these functions in the evaluation version.

* I need to have SSE optimisations enabled on AMD processors too, somebody mentioned forcing the pentium 3 version of code to run (I am aware this is unsupported) on AMD. I tried this with ippStaticInitCpu(ippCpuPIII) but it made no difference, should this function call work in the evaluation?

Just an observation is that there seems to be little explanation of how the evaluation version is limited - ie no static linking? The tutorial said to link to ippsmerged.lib but it does not exist in the evaluation.

Thanks for any info


Hi Justin,

before buying you might be interested to learn more about IPP. I recommend you to take a look on the following info (actually, more is available on site, just look around).

PDF fileLinking with Intel IPP
HTM page Frequently Asked Question page

Reqarding your questions,
-that's right, full version allows static linking, building of your custom DLL and other options
-shortly - yes, it is possible with full version, pleasesee Linking with Intel IPP document for details
-Function ippStaticInit family dedicated for initializing of static libraries, they do nothing when called from DLLs - you can read about that in IPP documentation

The dynamic linking is the only limitation of evaluation version, there is no time-bomb, limitation in functionality and so on. Please look on evaluation license for the details.



Thanks for your fast and helpful response, I'll make my way to the shop ;)



Thank you for choosing our product. I hope you will be satisfied with quality and performance of it. Please feel free to contact us if you will have any questions about it.


I take it this means that it's not possible to evaluate IPP for usage with Borland CBuilder without actually buying it, correct ?

In that case, couldnt you state that in the document. Would have saved me a lot of work.

Could you please explain just this before I decide whether or not to buy:
in the same document intel referes to this merged STATIC lib as a dll.
is that a typo ? I never heard of a static library in a dll-file....


do you mean you need static libraries to evaluate IPP with Borland Builder? What is the problem with DLL?

Note, merged libraries are static libs. It is not DLL. But you can to build custom DLL from them. Custom DLL can contain only subset of IPP functions in which you are interested, so it has less size. We provide special sample which illustrates how to do this.


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